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Pre-made Mix VS. Made from scratch

14 Jun

When somebody says they made cupcakes you might  think they gathered eggs, milk, vanilla, flower, butter, sugar and any other needed ingredients. Then, they would have to mix all that together, put in the oven and add the frosting! That’s not always the true! You can simply go to the grocery store, buy a pre-maid cake mix (they usually don’t have pre-made mixes made especially for “CUP”cakes), add a few ingridients and bake it! There are debates about whether pre-made or handmade tastes better- Some say handmade is much better because it is fresher and you can expirement with more ingredients! Others say pre-made is better since it the main mix is already prepared and you just add the few ingredients that the box says to. That way the cupcakes turn out perfect!

In my opinion, handmade cupcakes taste way better! Usually, pre-made cake mixes taste so plain! Well-not  plain, but just a wierd flavor! Do YOU have a preference? Or have you never tried one of these types of cupcakes? Please leave your comment down below! Also, if you have any suggestions for posts please leave a comment!



Odd Cupcake Flavors??

5 May

Most people know the common cupcake flavors like Vanilla, Chocolate, Red Velvet etc… Classics Right? However, have you ever heard of a Chicken and Waffles cupcake?

I understand that many people might like these odd cupcake flavors like Chicken and Waffles, Salmon, Bacon, Avocado, Pizza-The list can go on forever… But, maybe some strange flavors aren’t that bad. Personally, I would never mix meat with cupcakes. I wouldn’t mind trying some untraditional cupcakes as long as they’re not too over-the-top.

Anybody watch Cupcake Wars? Well they certainly have some weird flavors there! Fortunately, some of the flavors are not sold in most cupcake shops! Anybody remember someone making a JALEPEÑO cupcake? I can’t imagine what that must have tasted like! If you have ever had an odd cupcake, comment down below what flavor it was!